A time for reflection….Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

By Sue Anderton- NP and co-founder of TORHG

Wow it’s the end of 2015 already and what a year it has been!

What did I learn?

I learnt that life is tough.

I learnt that I love my job.

I learnt that I have great family and friends.

I learnt that all health care professionals do a great job.

I learnt that as healthcare professionals we witness things that most people would never dream of and that can be difficult

Life is tough

Juggling work life and family can be a challenge and I think both Kylie and I have all balls in the air most of the time.   However our passion for The Ocean Road Health Group and healthcare far outweighs the exhaustion we feel most of the time.

I Love my job

This may sound crazy but I often tell people that I love being a Nurse Practitioner. I feel that I was born to do this. I actually believe if I did not get paid I would still do it and I love teaching people and mentoring colleagues I get so much more out my job than money.

Family and Friends

I have found that the support from family and friends this year has been inspiring. Friends, colleagues and family have jumped at the opportunity to assist Kylie and I to develop The Ocean Road Health Group. The belief in our passion and the positive feedback and support we have received has been inspiring and encourages us to strive towards our dream.

Health care professionals do a great job

I have always believed this, however being a nurse practitioner has given me a new insight into making the ultimate decision to discharge a patient home. Sounds simple I know, but many scenarios run through your head when making this decision.  At the end of the day it’s about weighing up the risks – mostly health practitioners do this well and in the ED it is done in a team environment. However I have learnt that sometimes we get it wrong and that’s the nature of our job. I think always making sure patients and families feel they can return and I give them a plan for the worst case scenario or if they are just concerned as a safety net.

Healthcare professionals witness scenarios that most people would never dream of and that can be tough

We look after people when they are at their most vulnerable; we witness life changing discussions; we care for people we know; we witness the death of people we know or their families; we see young people taken before they have lived; we see the elderly who do not want any treatment but we do it anyway; we will people to live when their chances of doing so are so slim; we witness babies being born; we see the upset child leave the ED with a smile after their broken limb is immobilised surrounded by bubbles, teddy bears and stickers; we see the devastation of drugs and alcohol; we attempt to understand mental health issues; we liaise closely with police and ambulance; we reassure anxious, sad, devastated and relieved families; we cry, we laugh, we joke, we love what we do!

Personal Reflection

Recently I stepped out of my hectic life and job and took some time for reflection. This was quite confronting and I realised what I do is both science and art, and juggling a work life balance is difficult and puts a strain on many aspects of our lives. On reflection I realised that I am one of the lucky ones with amazing support networks, I am fit and healthy and I love what I do. Who can actually say that they love their job?


The Team @ TORHG wish you all the most amazing, happy safe and healthy New Year. Looking forward to meeting you all at Making Waves 2016: The Health Practitioner Movement!



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