aboutusThe Ocean Road Health Group (TORHG) is an enterprise based in Warrnambool, Victoria and was founded by Suzanne Anderton and Kylie Palmer. Suzanne and Kylie are endorsed Nurse Practitioners with over twenty years combined experience in many areas of nursing including emergency, acute care, cardiac care, health education and forensic examination. Their particular interest is in the development of Nurse Practitioners’ areas of practice through education and collegiate support and, ultimately, the establishment of walk in Nurse Practitioner Lead Clinics.

As you know, the Nurse Practitioner‘s role in healthcare currently has a relatively low but evolving profile both within the healthcare community and the wider population. The role, expertise and potential use of the Nurse Practitioner is currently not fully understood or appreciated by many including other health professionals. The continued education of Nurse Practitioners and promotion of their role to the medical and wider communities is essential in increasing knowledge and an appreciation of the growing role which Nurse Practitioners can and will play in future healthcare delivery.